Join the Fight Against Founder’s Syndrome!

What Is Founder’s Syndrome?

Founder’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which the very force behind the initial growth of the business (the founder) begins to have a detrimental effect on the business’s growth and sustainability.

What Are the Causes?

There are 2 primary causes of Founder’s Syndrome…
  • Chronic Undercapitalization or Lack of Resources
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Aversion to Risk
  • Trust Issues
  • Inability to Let Go
  • Positive Entrepreneurial Traits Taken to the EXTREME:
  • Attention to Detail Becomes MICROMANAGEMENT
  • Need for Flexibility Becomes ADDICTION TO CHAOS
  • Perseverance Becomes STUBBORNNESS
  • Self-Determination Becomes CONTROL FREAK

If you know someone with Founder’s Syndrome – How Can You Help?

  • Be a trusted resource
  • Have a private conversation
  • Speak truth to power
  • Be firm: don’t enable bad behavior
  • Be gentle: that person is having a hard time
  • The longer you wait to act, the worse it gets!